We've assembled a few of the most frequently asked questions for your convenience. Please feel free to contact us at any time with questions. We're here to help!


What type of jobs are posted?

First Job In Sports accommodates to people looking for entry-level or internship positions. There will only be these type of jobs posted. Positions can be found in administration, computers, health, media, advertising, marketing, and retail. We are here to help you find your first sports job regardless of your experience, background or expertise.

What makes your site different than others?

We have only entry-level and internship postings. Often times, sports jobs that require any experience are filled from within the company. Instead of sorting through hundreds or thousands of jobs to find one that you are qualified for, by becoming a member to First Job In Sports you know and understand you are potentially qualified for every position that is posted.

How often are new jobs posted?

New jobs are posted daily. Our staff is constantly researching companies and building relationships with many employers in the sports industry. We understand the importance of having up to date job information and we want to give you every advantage when pursuing your first job in sports.

How do employers post jobs?

Employers are able to post jobs via online, e-mail, fax or by phone.

How do I apply for a job that is posted?

Each individual job posting specifies the method that the employer would like to receive applications. The most common forms of application are e-mail, mail, fax and online application.

What makes it easy to search for positions?

Many people looking for an internship would like to stay close to home while completing their internship. While searching for an entry-level or internship position a member can search by state, job classification, or by job type. With this search criteria a member is able to narrow down their job search and only view positions that meet their needs.

Why is it free for companies to post jobs?

First Job In Sports caters to both small and big companies. We want to give members the widest range of sports jobs available. Many times when employers have to pay to post jobs the small companies are not willing to pay a fee. To have the widest range of entry-level and internship postings this service will always be free to post jobs.

How much is it to become a member?

To become a member it costs a nominal $19.99 per month. Membership is recurring and members have the option to cancel at anytime. A three month subscription is available for $41.99 and a six month subscription is available for $69.99.

How do I cancel my membership to First Job In Sports?

To cancel your membership send an email to This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

If you have any questions or concerns please contact us. We want to assist you in finding your first job in sports.